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TSS Mens and Ladies T shirts and Singlets now available

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TSS also make Mild steel and polished stainless steel tube a arms for HR-HT and HQ to WB Holden's


My Promo Car MALOW

VE Commodore air bag kits now in stock



TSS is the Commodore air suspension Specialist

First company to design bag and engineer a Commodore



This Ute below was fitted by the owner In WA

It has the new Accuair Touch pad controller and Drop in rear bags

Commodore air suspension Specialist

It has also been engineered over there as well

Our Air bag suspension kits are approved and meet WA rules




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The Impound Canberra

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I have private installer in Perth


TSS is also a distributor for air bag suspension components from


Viair Compressors

Slam Specialties

Firestone bags and tanks

GC Valves

Alkon DOT Brass fittings

KYB shocks

Koni adjustable shocks

Bilstein shocks

Whiteline's entire range of products

Ball joints

Steering & suspension components


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Welcome to my web site.

The Air bag Suspension Specialist's

Latest news 21/08/09

Misleading advertising

It has come to my attention today that some companies are telling customer that they do not need self leveling to obtain engineers in NSW

This is not true as Dan Leavy from the RTA confirmed what my engineer (Consulmotive) told me as well months ago

I would suspect they are using a dodgy engineer to pass the cars as this practice has been going on for years

Problem with this is the RTA now requires all engineers to submit the details of the report for every car they pass within two weeks of writing the report

The owners of engineered cars are required to blue slip their car after being engineered and submit this to the RTA so the car can be recorded as modified and meeting the requirements

It is much cheaper for a suspension kit without self leveling and this is just another example of the lengths some companies will got to to get your business

End Update



TSS has noticed that some advertisers that are selling the Chinese/ Taiwanese air bag suspension kits are now saying their parts are all made in the USA

They claim the copies are better than the originals

You have to have been born yesterday to believe this

This is a pretty misleading claim to sell the same parts as before and now claim they are USA made

They mix pictures of the good parts like Slam Specialties air bags and Firestone air bags in their adds to try to make them look good by association

This is a clear sign that they are having trouble selling these copy parts these days as a reliable component

Many of the parts that do come from the US are not and do not meet any DOT requirements

Items like drop spindles, all Tube a arms even the ones from the big names are sold in the US for


Yet we are led to believe they are the best around.

This disclaimer they have on their web site is their because they cannot offer engineers.

Its one of the main services you need when fitting air suspension but they offer everything but this

The products they sell is not suitable or legal for road use

This is the main reason I built my own bag struts and kits is getting the other imported parts engineered without going to a dodgy engineer was not possible

I don't make bogus claims like I am the biggest importer or largest shop in Australia

This is simply a advertising trick to suck you in

TSS is also a Air Suspension Importer but I am also a manufacturer which none of the others are

They resell other companies parts as their own and claim you are dealing direct with the manufacturer

What I make and sell is simply the best quality parts, most reliable and best handling systems you will find

Plus they are engineered by a well respected engineer

The only USA made air suspension parts currently being sold are

Airide Technologies Shock waves

Some Firestone bags

Slam Specialties bags

Accuair E Level

Accuair VU4 valves

Firestone and Hoosier DOT air tanks

Alkon Brass DOT push to connect fittings


Items like the Firestone copy bags are easily spotted as they have NO MARKINGS on the bag itself and have two piece aluminium/ steel ends that don't bolt together properly and often leak.

Genuine Firestone bags will have FIRESTONE embossed on the bag and have a rolled and crimped end or in the case of the Airide technologies product a two piece aluminium threaded end plates

The adjustable shock blanks that are used in the copy kits require you to weld your own mounting brackets to make the bag struts, This is the worst thing you could do to a shock

Aluminium air tanks which have false standards on them, SAE J106 is not a air tank standard

Viair Compressors,

Dakota Digital,

Air Lift and Easy Street,

Universal Air to name a few are all made in China, Taiwan and Korea

Viair compressors are an exception when it comes to quality compressors

So come on Advertisers lets keep to the facts and stop misleading everyone

Stop changing your story every time you run a updated add or make a change to your web site / my space complaining I am picking on you

If your products are the best around why do you keep changing the advertising strategy to sell them

Why are more companies coming over to my products and dumping yours

They don't have any of the copy parts on their web sites either

They have learnt their lesson the hard way

Its seems like the old BAIT and Switch is still alive

Telling everyone you stock all the best gear but when it comes to the sale they drop the cheap copy parts on you that cost you 1/4 cost of the right parts

There are a couple of sayings in this industry that best describe these guys

Those who cannot innovate DUPLICATE

Unfortunately where there is money to be made the truth about what is being sold soon goes out the window




If you are not sure what you are buying take a pic of the parts being sold and go to some of the big suspension forums in the US and join up.

Post up the pic's of what you are looking at buying and the price.

I think you will be shocked what comes back on quality and price.

Check these out



Or you can just e-mail me and I will identify what it is for you.



Many of these cheap quality parts sell as complete kits in the US for around the $800US mark yet they sell here for $2200 or more.

I have plenty of these types of parts in my shop that I have taken out of cars when they have failed.

If you want to see the difference between genuine parts and copies feel free to drop in any time Monday to Friday and I will take the time to show you.



Any air suspension system that has been fitted with in car cabin controls that can be reached by the driver needs to be engineered.

Many of these shops don't offer this engineering service or cannot offer engineers as their products don't meet any of the standards.

Many of the copy parts don't even have commerce markings on them with the manufactures name .

They usually just have a sticker.

This is a dead giveaway of this type of product.

I stock the products you will find on my web site for sale because they are the best of Brand and the most reliable.

If I don't stock the brand you have seen elsewhere its not because I cannot obtain it.

Its because it is more than likely its one of the failed parts that I pulled out of a car and have sitting on my shop floor.




A little info about TSS

Custom Designed to Meet All needs Installed Quickly & Effectively

On my site you will find information on how to check what you are buying meets the standards.

My aim as One of Australia's only companies manufacturing its own parts is to supply you the customer with quality built compliant components that will outlast any other product out there.

Our kits will also out perform and out handle any other kit out there as well.

TSS has been No1 is this field now since starting out in 1999.

TSS is also one of the only companies engineering the cars as well.

TSS is where all the professional car builders come to professionally bag their cars.

TSS keeps all the Airide supplies that the Pro would choose to BAG his car over any other products


TSS stocks ONLY the top name Air suspension products.

ACCUAIR & GC valves.

ACCUAIR self leveling

Air Springs-

Slam Specialties bags.

Genuine Firestone bags.

Dunlop Triple convoluted bags

Air Bag Man- air springs, Ride rite, Coil Rite, Bag Boy, Load Assist


VIAIR Compressors and gauges

Air Suspension Components

Firestone and Hoosier DOT and SAE J10 approved steel air tanks.

Alkon DOT brass fittings.

SAE J844 Type B air line.

DOT 62545 approved air lines assemblies for McPherson struts

Viair Air pressure switches

4 Link kits, Brackets, Water Traps, Lowering Blocks, Air wiring kits, Air struts, Digital air control, Air valves,

Air Suspension Kits for most brands

Commodore, Holden, Ford, Japanese, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, European, Audi, BMW, VW ,Renault, Mercedes, 4WD ,4WD equipment, Side step, Ute liners, Suv's, Wagons, Utes, Vans and Minitrucks parts


I don't sell the Counterfeit Firestone bags or the non complaint Aluminium, Chrome and stainless steel air tanks.


If you are after the quality built reliable system then TSS has what you need.



I am always adding new models to my range of kits so keep an eye for constant updates as

I am now upgrading the web site myself.

Some sections are still under construction but I hope to have them up and running soon.

If you don't find what you are looking that doesn't mean I am not producing a kit for your car .

Call me on 02 9457 6543 or 0400 496496 about your car or e-mail me with some pictures of the suspension so i can send you a quote on getting your car converted to a TSS  GET LOW STAY LEGAL air bag system



I hope you enjoy my site and find what you are looking for.